Programme of the Conference

The final programme of the 6th PTA Conference

„Research and Innovation in Crop Production”


Krakow, Poland

16.09.2015 - Wednesday

18.00-20.00Dinner (for attendants staying in the DS III „Oaza” and DS IV „Czwórka”)

17.09.2015 - Thursday

7.00-8.00Breakfast (in your hotels)
8.00-9.00Registration – Congress Centre of University of Agriculture in Krakow, Al. 29 Listopada 46
9.00-9.30Official Conference Opening – lectures of the Guest Speakers
9.30-10.00Barbara FilipekMazur - 125 years of agricultural studies in Krakow
10.00-10.30 Andrzej Kotecki - Where does Polish agronomy head?
10.30-11.00Coffee break
Agroecology and agricultural systems
Chair persons:Prof. dr hab. Teresa Dąbkowska
 Prof. dr hab. Franciszek Borówczak
11.00-11.20Hans-Peter Kaul - Tillage effects on plant-soil water relations
11.20-11.35Marek Marks - Functions and importance of crop rotation in sustainable agriculture
11.35-11.40Stefan Martyniuk - Does conventional (intensive) agriculture degrade soils?
11.40-11.45Janusz Smagacz - Economic evaluation of different aspects of land cultivation
11.45-11.50Jerzy Grabiński - The effect of soil tillage intensity on economic effectiveness of technologies production of spring barley and winter wheat
11.50-11.55Maciej Chowaniak, Joanna Puła - Changes in the methods of arable land management in the organic farms of south-eastern Poland
11.55-12.00Bogumił Rychcik - Reaction of rye and triticale for cultivation in integrated or organic system
12.00-12.05Grażyna Szymańska, Agnieszka Faligowska, Katarzyna Panasiewicz, Jerzy Szukała, Wiesław Koziara, Karolina Ratajczak - Yielding of winter rape cultivated following legumes
12.05-12.20Krzysztof Domaradzki, Marek Badowski, Anna Jezierska-Domaradzka, Adam Matkowski, Anna Stochmal - The chemical control of invasive weeds on fallow lands based on the example of Fallopia and Solidago species
12.20-12.25Irena Suwara, Wojciech Stępień, Katarzyna Pruska, Anna Tymińska - Effect of  long-term fertilization and crop rotation on weed infestation and the yield of winter triticale
12.25-12.30Alina Stachurska-Swakoń, Helena Trzcińska-Tacik, Joanna Puła, Wacław Bartoszek, Beata Barabasz-Krasny, Anna Smołka - Phenotypic plasticity of weeds in response to crop density
12.30-12.35Joanna Puła, Beata Barabasz-Krasny, Katarzyna Możdżeń, Anna Sołtys-Lelek - Effect of the aqueous extracts of Stellaria media L. on germination and development of seedlings of Zea mays L.
12.35-12.40Renata Kieloch - Influence of biostimulant Kelpak SL on winter wheat in terms of chemical protection against weeds
12.40-12.45Sebastian W. Przemieniecki, Tomasz P. Kurowski, Krzysztof Krawczyk - Usefulness of selected bacterial strains for biocontrol and plant-growth promotion
13.00-14.00Lunch break
14.00- 14.30Poster session 
Crop production and state of environment
Chair persons:Prof. dr hab. Teofil Łabza
 Prof. dr hab. Dariusz Jaskulski
14.30-14.50Ľuboš Vozár, Peter Kovár, Petra Verešová, Ján Jančovič, Peter Hric - Impact of crop production on the environment - new challenge
14.50-15.05Grażyna Harasimowicz-Hermann - Environmental and agrotechnological productivity conditions and quality yields of selected agricultural plants
15.05-15.20Anna Gałązka, Karolina Gawryjołek, Janusz Smagacz - Evaluation of the enzymatic activity of soils in three tillage systems based on field experiments
15.20-15.25Stanisław Lenart, Wojciech Stępień, Aneta Perzanowska - Effect of long-term fertilization, crop rotation and no-tillage system on soil organic carbon and soil physical conditions in the three oldest field experiments in Poland
15.25-15.30Ewa Tendziagolska, Piotr Sobkowicz, Roman Wacławowicz - The formation of selected soil physical properties affected by interseeded species under organic winter rye cultivation


Barbara Skowera, Joanna Kopcińska, Agnieszka Ziernicka-Wojtaszek, Jakub Wojkowski - Precipitation deficiencies and excesses during the growing season selected crops based on the example of the Opole Province (1981-2010)
15.35-15.40Grzegorz Sobczyński, Magdalena Wijata, Marcin Studnicki, Stanisław Samborski, Jan Rozbicki- Spring wheat grain yield determination by yield components in different environmental conditions
15.40-15.45Magdalena Wijata, Grzegorz Sobczyński, Marcin Studnicki, Stanisław Samborski, Dariusz Gozdowski, Jan Rozbicki - Effect of environmental conditions and course of weather on yield and grain quality of spring wheat


Roman Wacławowicz, Danuta Parylak, Ewa Tendziagolska, Wiesław Wojciechowski- The changes in soil properties under varying methods of field management of sugar beet residues
15.50-15.55Piotr Sobkowicz, Ewa Tendziagolska, Agnieszka Lejman - Performance of multi-component mixtures of spring cereals
15.55-16.00Agnieszka Lejman, Piotr Sobkowicz - Influenceof weed harrowing on yield of barley-pea mixture
16.00-16.05Katarzyna Pużyńska, Stanisław Pużyński - Yielding of cereal-legume mixture in the organic and conventional system
16.05-16.10Mariola Staniak- Effect of drought stress on the yield and gas exchange parameters of Festulolium barunii (K. Richt.) A. Camus grown in pure sowing or in mixture with Medicago sativa ssp. media (M x varia) Martyn
16.10-16.15Anna Jama-Rodzeńska, Władysław Nowak, Józef Sowiński - Effect of industrial sewage sludge on the yield of biomass and the content of certain heavy metals in selected clones of willow (Salix viminalis L.)
16.15-16.20Jacek Hołaj - Depreciation costs of means of production in hop cultivation
16.20-16.25Commercial presentations of breeding and agro-chemical companies
16.25-16.45Poster session, Coffee break
17.00-19.00Spare time
19.00-23.00Conference Dinner


18.09.2015 - Friday

7.00-8.45Breakfast (in the hotels)



Agrotechnical factors versus yielding, crop quality and food safety

Chair persons:Prof. dr hab. Barbara Sawicka
 Prof. dr hab. Janusz Podleśny
9.00-9.20Hamouz Karel, Jaromir Lachman - Situation and trends in growing of potatoes in the Czech Republic
9.20-9.35Janusz Prusiński- Winter legumes?
9.35-9.50Kazimierz Pyziak, Władysław Koscielniak, Bogdan Kulig, Edward S. Gacek, Andrzej Oleksy - Effect of selected agrotechnical factors on the yield of soybean
9.50-9.55Marcin Markowicz, Artur Gramatyka, Bogdan Kulig - Effect of sowing density on the yield of soybeans in the Top Farms Głubczyce
9.55-10.00Wacław Jarecki, Dorota Bobrecka-Jamro - Effect of foliar feeding on yield and chemical composition of soybeans
10.00-10.05Franciszek Borówczak, Karolina Lenartowicz, Katarzyna Rębarz - Influence of irrigation, cultivation technology and nitrogen fertilization on the mass of roots and nodules of pea
10.05-10.10Katarzyna Panasiewicz, Agnieszka Faligowska, Grażyna Szymańska, Jerzy Szukała, Hanna Sulewska, Rafał Sobieszczański - Influence of irrigation, cultivation technology and nitrogen fertilization on the mass of roots and nodules of pea
10.10-10.15Stanisław Grześ, Franciszek Borówczak, Wojciech Pełczyński - Effect of sprinkiling irrigation, cultivation method and nitrogen fertilization on the yield of sugarbeet
10.15-10.20Urszula Prośba-Białczyk, Małgorzata Wilkosz - Effect of seed stimulation and foliar fertilization with microelements on change in chemical composition and productivity of the sugarbeet
10.20-10.25Wiesław Wojciechowski, Janina Zawieja - The role of stubble catch crops grown in accordance with the rules of agri-environmental scheme on yielding of quality spring wheat
10.25-10.30Renata Tobiasz-Salach, Robert Warchoł, Dorota Bobrecka-Jamro, Jan Buczek - Reaction of oats to foliar fertilisation of plant
10.30-10.35Adam Radkowski, Iwona Radkowska - Estimation of the silicon utility efficiency in seed-producing crops of timothy grass (Phleum pratense L.)
10.35-10.40Commercial presentations of breeding and agro-chemical companies
10.40-11.00Poster session, Coffee break
11.00-11.20Vladimír Pačuta - Crop production and new scientific results in sugar beet in the Slovak Republic
11.20-11.35Mariusz Kucharski, Jerzy Sadowski - Effect of nitrogen and sulfur fertilization on the yield and chemical composition of winter rape seeds
11.35-11.50Edward S. Gacek - Role of the cultivar progres in the modern agriculture
11.50-11.55Grażyna Podolska, Edyta Boguszewska - Yielding and seed quality of winter wheat and spelt wheat depending on the intensity of production technology
11.55-12.00Alina Syp, Magdalena Borzecka-Walker, Dariusz Osuch - Efficiency of winter wheat production in the selected farms of Greater Poland and Silesia regions
12.00-12.05Ewa Szpunar-Krok, Kubit Piotr, Dorota Bobrecka-Jamro, Jan Buczek - Effect of the method and technology to the chemical composition of the seeds of chickling vetch
12.05-12.10Magdalena Borowska, Ewa Kaszkowiak, Janusz Prusiński - Impact of sowing method and plant density on the productivity of indeterminate of white lupin cultivar
12.10-12.15Agnieszka Faligowska, Grażyna Szymańska, Katarzyna Panasiewicz, Jerzy Szukała, Wiesław Koziara, Jagoda Strzelińska - Influence of sowing method on yielding of two cultivars of yellow lupin
12.15-12.20Agnieszka Ostrowska, Michał Dziurka, Agnieszka Klimek-Kopyra - Effect of enhanced phosphorous fertilization on the nutritional value of pea, for  green feeding
12.20-12.25Anna Wondołowska-Grabowska, Elżbieta Skrzyńska, Marcin Kozak - The composition of fatty acids in oils plants
12.25-12.30Ewa Matyjaszczyk - Legal rules and the practice of utilization of microorganisms in plant protection in Poland and the European Union
12.30-12.35Janusz Czaban, Alicja Sułek, Barbara Wróblewska - Effect of agrotechnical factors on internal colonization of wheat kernels by fungi of the genus Fusarium
12.35-12.40Kazimierz Klima, Andrzej Lepiarczyk - Effect of combain harvesting on the losses of spring cereal seeds
12.40-12.45Commercial presentations of breeding and agro-chemical companies


Władysław Koscielniak,Bogdan Kulig, Edward S. Gacek, Andrzej Oleksy


Advanced technologies of crop production, modeling in crop production including climat changes

Chair persons:Prof. dr hab. Elżbieta Pisulewska
 Prof. dr hab. Jan Rozbicki
14.00-14.20Marcin Kozak - Projected responses of crops to the climate changes in Poland
14.20-14.40Stanisław Samborski - Application of variable nitrogen rate in winter wheat with the use of active optical sensors – possibilities and limitations
14.40-14.55Zuzanna Jarosz, Antoni Faber - Opportunities to reduce greenhouse gasses emissions in the life cycle of biofuels, taking into account indirect changes of land management
14.55-15.00Tamara Jadczyszyn, Piotr Ochal - Effect of the new technology of cultivation and fertilization on the yield of maize
15.00-15.05Elżbieta Leszczyńska, Stanisław Samborski, Dariusz Gozdowski, Michał Stępień, Jan Rozbicki- Efficiency evaluation of variable nitrogen fertilization of winter wheat with an active optical sensor
15.05-15.10Jerzy Kopiński - Efficiency evaluation of variable nitrogen fertilization of winter wheat with an active optical sensor
15.10-15.15Krzysztof Gęsiński, Bożena Barczak - Evaluation of the possibility of cereal grains supplementation with the use of  selected species pseudocereal
15.15-15.20Joanna Groszyk, Stanisław Samborski, Dariusz Gozdowski, Elżbieta Leszczyńska, Jan Rozbicki- SPAD value measurement as the indicator of nitrogen and sulphur content in winter wheat leaves
15.20-15.25Hanna Gołębiowska - The possibilities of bromoksynil application to protect corn against a troublesome weeds of arable land
15:25-15:45Coffee break
15.45-16.00Poster sessions summary and results of the competition for the best poster in each session
16.00-16.40Summary of the conference
16.40-18.00Spare time
18.00-19.00Conference dinner
19.00-22.00Artistic night (performance in the theatre in the historical city center)

19.09.2015 - Saturday - TOURS

1st Option- Krakow, Rynek Underground Museum, Wawel Castle
6.00- 8.00Breakfast (in the hotel)
8.30-9.00Drive to the historical main market (Krakowski Rynek)
9.20-11.30Rynek Underground Museum
11.30-12.00Coffee in one of the city’s cafe
12.00-14.00Stroll through the Royal Route to Wawel Castle, Wawel Cathedral, Treasury House
14.00-15.00Lunch and end of the conference


2nd OPTION - Historical Salt Mine in Wieliczka
6.00-6.45Breakfast (in the hotel)
6.45-7.50Drive to Wieliczka town
7.50-11.00Historical Salt Mine in Wieliczka
11.00-11.45Coffee in Wieliczka
11.45-12.15Back to Krakow
12.15-14.00Wawel, Wawel Cathedral, Treasury House
14.00-15.00Lunch and end of the conference